In the land of the crystal lake there are 8 crystals. fire, water, earth, wind, light, dark, ice and lightning. each pack has a crystal, but each is jealous of each others power. What will happen? Peace.. or chaos! You decide!
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TotM - December
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PostSubject: Ember Manip Shop   Ember Manip Shop Icon_minitime5/30/2013, 2:24 pm

My Manip shop, just trying this out seeing if it works, but anyway here is some of my work and the code if you want me to do a mannip:

1.Do not use on any other site but this one unless you have my permission.
2.Do not rush me, I do have a life to.
3.Do not steal other people mannips.
4.You can only get avvies from here(no siggies sorry)
5.Secret word to check you have read to rules is WolfBlood(It will change every month)
6.If there is something you don't like with your mannip please tell me and I won't mind changing it.

Some Of My Work:


Name on or off?:
What you want edited:
Picture you want me to edit:
Description of your character:
Secret word in rules:

Please post you application below
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