In the land of the crystal lake there are 8 crystals. fire, water, earth, wind, light, dark, ice and lightning. each pack has a crystal, but each is jealous of each others power. What will happen? Peace.. or chaos! You decide!
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TotM - December
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 Lulzy Chat (EYOWN AND KALI)

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PostSubject: Lulzy Chat (EYOWN AND KALI)   Lulzy Chat (EYOWN AND KALI) Icon_minitime6/1/2013, 7:15 pm

I was trying to make Kali join Earth pack haha!

[17:04:12] Kali : Water and fire I guess are winning against me
[17:04:24] Eyown : Meow.
[17:04:39] @ Silver : woof
[17:04:41] Eyown : Do eeny meeny miney moe LOL
[17:04:50] Kali : ROFL
[17:05:04] Eyown : I would.
[17:05:07] Eyown : Haha
[17:05:23] Eyown : Okay, lets try this.
[17:05:40] Kali : okay Wind ,Water and Earth are making me want it
[17:05:42] Kali : >_<
[17:06:48] Eyown : Choose a letter: A= Earth, B= Water C= Wind D= Fire, F= All of the above except for
[17:06:57] Eyown : B,C AND D lol
[17:07:17] Kali : LULZ
[17:07:32] Eyown : Lawl
[17:07:43] Eyown : We need a Lulz chatbox section ROFL
[17:07:56] Kali : yuuup
[17:08:27] Kali :
[17:08:56] @ Silver : haha yeah I agree..I'll make that now lol
[17:09:13] Kali : xD
[17:10:19] Kali : ugh im being tugged by fire and earth WEEEELp
[17:10:37] Eyown : Mehe. Okay, so do eeny meeny miney moe, (JUST TRY IT)
[17:10:54] Eyown : But then tell me your reasult to see if I aprove.
[17:11:05] Eyown : Oops LOL *Result and *App
[17:11:15] Eyown : *Approve
[17:11:29] @ Silver : OK I created it in the general talk area
[17:11:41] Eyown : Because if I don't approve, its not right ROFL
[17:11:45] Eyown : Okay.
[17:12:04] Eyown : UNDERSTAND jk
[17:12:19] @ Silver : lol
[17:12:31] Kali : lol Earth won but thats not how I do things
[17:12:40] Kali : I have to do it by my wolf's Bio and see
[17:13:16] @ Silver : well just let me know and I'll add you to the newbies group of the pack
[17:13:25] Eyown : HAHA!!! I knew it!!
[17:13:28] Kali : newbies?!/!
[17:13:36] Eyown : Uhh... I mean, really?
[17:13:44] Kali : xD
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