In the land of the crystal lake there are 8 crystals. fire, water, earth, wind, light, dark, ice and lightning. each pack has a crystal, but each is jealous of each others power. What will happen? Peace.. or chaos! You decide!
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TotM - December
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PostSubject: Domination   Domination Icon_minitime5/31/2013, 8:32 pm

The day was a crisp cool one. The sky was a bright blue, and very few clouds could be seen. It was about midday before Ypres had reached her final destination. She took note of the forest, and its climate therein; amber eyes scanned the territory once more as she took in the land's scent, and decided to raise her muzzle to the heavens and howled a calling. She was claiming this land as hers; and beckoned for others to come forth into joining her her this journey.

She offered a challanging beckoning at the end of her call, but she doubted anyone would be foolish enough to fight the large obsidian femme for this territory. She finished her calling, and decided to mark the closest tree that stood by her as the ''territory marker.'' Her scent would soon be spread like the black plague as she'd offer it to outsiders to heed her warning about interloping into her lands.

Ypres was impressed with the turf so far, and that she had finally got to claim land of her own. The onyx cloud trotted briskly from tree to tree, and stump to stump marking it either with urine, or a simple scratching of her claws on the bark upon the trees; or rubbing against the trees and the ground as well. She would often kick up dirt and debris with back kicks to the ground as if she were an angered bull getting ready to aim her chase at the red flag.

It took quite some time before she had finished one side of the border; now she had three more left to tend too, however she'd have to save that for another day. It was hard enough work to maintain the North end of the borders, and she'd continue on as to where she left off later on.

Her stomach snarled with hunger, as felt the hunger pains shoot throughout the core of her guts. She loped happily about looking for prey to feed upon. There was a hare nibbling on clover, and Ypres decided to stalk it. Her staling technique was feline like, and she knew how to get close enough to it that she'd leap and capture it. But today that hare surprised her. Instead of her capturing it, she was caught off guard as to the bunny being close to its hole, and so she missed the hare by a few inches. Ypres snarled in frustration, as she knew she was a better hunter than that! Oh well, maybe next hunt will be more successful.
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